Choose Sophie Produits Italiens and bring color to your everyday life!

Sophie Produits Italiens is a small Quebec business founded in 2013 as a result of several trips in Lombardy, in Northern Italy, and a crush for ecofriendly and distinctive items for the kitchen.

My placemats, cutting boards and decorative rugs are made of top quality polypropylene well recognized for its antibacterial properties. As the material is 100% recyclable, our products are much more resistant than vinyl and very ease-of-care. Their highly creative designs are enhanced by the distinctive know-how “Made in Italy”.

My wide range of placemats, which some models will delight toddlers, are approved for direct food contact and do not present a risk of food poisoning.

Cutting boards of Sophie Produits Italiens are lightweight, flexible, colorful and decorative. Antibacterial and non-toxic, they are dishwasher safe.

Find a safe rug that prevent bacteria build-up and stain resistant is not easy. Sophie Produits Italiens offers 100% recyclable, non-skid polypropylene rugs that stick to the floor like a second skin. Virtually indestructible, they are easy to clean with a wipe or floor cloth. Ideal for kitchen, bathroom, living room, corridor or hallway, they will fit perfectly on the terrace and will brighten up your cocktails and meals during the summer.

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